“Music is probably the one real magic I have encountered in my life. There's not some trick involved with it. It's pure and it's real. It moves, it heals, it communicates and does all these incredible things"
Tom Petty

DaddyPop came about as a side project in 2017, after a few false starts i decided to sell some of the results of my passion of 40+ years collecting records and CDs - to spread the joy a bit. Then a few friends asked me to help sell theirs.....

......60,000 round things later here we are - to date we have given new loving homes to over 25,000 titles from Rock through BeBop Jazz, Soundtracks and rare collectible 45rpm singles.

As Wayne Hussey said, you can't do things without a Mission and ours is to help you rediscover the music you love in physical formats which can be enjoyed, shared and gifted for years to come.

Like loads of music fans i always had a lofty ambition to run a record shop, 'High Fidelity' Style. But rents and costs here made that prohibitive so i stuck it out online. Having become disillusioned with corporate 9-5 i then threw it all in during  the middle of a global pandemic (smart as ever?) to scratch my entrepreneurial itch. Nonetheless it does seem to be working and developing to plan. We get to unite people with the music they love, listen to music all day, sleep a bit in the afternoon, mostly without the burden of having to be late for meetings and talk to people.


You'll find us on Discogs, eBay and here on our beautiful site (where prices are a bit lower as we don't have to pay the man). You won't find us on Amazon because Bezos makes about £300 Million a day and doesn't need us. He also mistreats his work force, abuses market power and doesn't pay enough tax. We love to interact with the mostly lovely people on Faecebook Twatter and InstantGran, too.

All items are shipped from our fulfillment centre (read: Garage) near York in the north of the UK. Wherever physically possible Items are shipped within 5 working days to UK and most overseas locations. Free delivery is available on larger orders. We have a 14 day return policy if you are not happy, but like to sort things out first. Unlike some sellers we treat your shipping costs as precisely that, and make them representative of our true costs, not a source of profit.

If Policies and T&C's are your bag then they're listed at the footer (that's the bit at the bottom of the page). Enjoy.

We believe in products that don't cost the earth - we use high quality, re-usable and plastic-free eco-friendly packaging. Our business supports the circular economy model, that is one which encourages the re-use of products and extending the useful life of products for the benefit of the environment. 

DaddyPop is always on the lookout for high quality music collections - please contact us if you have items you wish to sell.

Whilst we don't have such outdated notions as 'employees' or 'partners' everything that has happened has been helped enormously by a cohort of dependable and funny family, helpers, postal legends, suppliers, nihilist supporters/hangers-on. (seriously - you know who you are and you are awesome!)

To date we've had over 15,000 happy customers in over 100 countries worldwide with an average rating over 99% on eBay and Discogs so you can shop with confidence.

For payment we accept all major credit and debit cards and Paypal (all payments are taken in UK Sterling/GBP at the checkout) as well as Bank Transfers. We offer discounts for bulk and trade orders.

You can email us via info@daddypop.co.uk or see, follow/unfollow and chat with us on Social Channels (links at the bottom of the page).